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Writing a fic about little moments between Buffy and Spike. Comment below with your fave small moments that meant a lot. Please? For example, when Spike brings Joyce flowers following her death but doesn't include a card... The big moments I remember but the little subtle ones are the ones I'm looking for! Thanks in advance! 😄

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I like the moment in "Listening to Fear" when they've defeated the slug monster and she accepts his hand to get up, just as Riley and company burst in.

Also the one in the icon, where he offers to "thin the herd a little" and she smiles. "Knew I could get a grin."
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I like the moment at the end of Intervention when she is pretending to be the Buffybot and he realizes mid-kiss that it's really her.

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That may well be my favorite of all time. If I had to pick just one.
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When he is helping with the Potentials in the graveyard and he winces because he's still in pain, but won't let her touch in. Even Vi notices the UST!

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All excellent choices. I'll have to think about what I might add. Maybe the little exchange at the not-a-wedding? When he compliments her and she blushes instead of being ugly to him. That whole thing, actually - his "thank you" when she repeats that it hurts to see him with someone else and her quiet "you're welcome" as he leaves.

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This is one of the best scenes! I had a banner of this on my livejournal back in the day.

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Season 7, First Date. They're in the hallway and Spike says he likes her shirt. He also says, "Buffy, I'm alright" about her dating.
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The porch scene in FFL.

And the second porch scene in season 6 (though I can't remember which episode it's in).

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Flooded, when Spike throws his cigarette on the porch and Buffy steps on it to put it out, and says "hello Spike" without ever looking up. Like my icon. 💜

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