sandy_s: (spuffy love after all by insomniax)
( Sep. 4th, 2006 07:37 pm)
for receiving a runner up award at Love's Last Glimpse Awards! Thank you so much!!! :o) It's a Buffy POV that I wrote right after "Beneath You," and it's the sequel to "Soul Fashion." I didn't even know I was nominated!!! CONGRATS to all the other winners!!!

I'm so honored to have received a Future fic runner-up award for Peripheral Vision from the Love's Last Glimpse Awards for the end of the year round! Thank you so much! :o) It really made my weekend and is a great start to my new year! *HUGS* And congrats to all my friends who won, too! :o) I'm proud of you!

Good night, dear flist! :o)


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