...is that it takes forever to post it all and drains your bandwidth or something! lol

Here is the remainder of my [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy work:
Spuffy Xmas Set
Spuffy Wallpapers
Spike, Buffy, Spuffy Mood Theme
Spuffy Icons
Banners and Matching icons 1-3
Banners and Matching icons 4-6
Banners and Matching icons 7-9
Banners and Matching icons 10-12
Banners and Matching icons 13-15
Banners and Matching icons 16-17

Just As She Asked
For A Moment
Finding Spike, Part 1/4
Finding Spike, Part 2/4
Finding Spike, 3/4

*is too tired to even surf* :p I posted and went Christmas shopping and went to a party this weekend! And OH! I finished half my Christmas cards and finally found Christmas stickers...was unbelievably hard this year! Overall, I had a ton of fun! :o) Hope you all have a wonderful week! *snuggles flist*
So far, I've posted graphics...

1. Six wallies

2. A Spike, Buffy, and Spuffy mood theme

3. A Christmas Spuffy set

Hope you guys like!

I'm going shopping this afternoon at the Galleria, but I'll be back. I have 17 banners and matching icons to post and lotsa fic stuff! :o)


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