sandy_s: (buffy then and now by me)
( Dec. 2nd, 2015 11:49 am)
Hat I Got for Christmas - [ profile] petzipellepingo reminded me about this one!

Buffy Abridged - all of BtVS set to the William Tell Overture.

I can't believe these two were on You Tube!

I miss all the old vids that I had downloaded to my computer long ago. Anyone out there remember any of the old vids? I have images in my mind of old ones but no memory of the artists/titles.

[ profile] velvetwhip shared:
1. My West Hollywood Lifestyle - makes me laugh every time!
2. Buffy Vs. Edward - so perfect...heheh.

[ profile] rebcake shared:
1. Song of the Count, which I forgot how R-rated it So funny!
2. I Touch Myself - OMG...this one is a classic! :o)

And then, I found this old one, too by the same artist as the one who did Song of the Count:
Barbie Girl - about the Buffybot with some cheesy special effects but I forgot about it!

And another old Angel fave:
Boulevard of Broken Dreams


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