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( May. 4th, 2017 10:03 am)
So, yesterday, I subbed for [personal profile] megan_peta and posted stuff on [community profile] seasonal_spuffy!

This was a fun year because it's the 20-year anniversary, and so, I wrote a bunch of stuff. What made this even more wonderful was that [profile] eyesthatslay collaborated with me on a very special project. We created a story-art project together, and it really was together as she and I discussed ideas and planned the plot. What made it more special is that some of you helped write it, too, by giving me ideas on locations/little details. Anyway...linkage follows!

Something Special, Coming Up with a Plan - Somewhere in Texas
Something Special, Day One of the Plan, Somewhere in Arkansas
Something Special, Day Two, Somewhere in Ohio
Something Special, Day Three, Somewhere in Japan
Something Special, Day Four, Somewhere in Michigan
Something Special, Day Five, Somewhere in England

If anything, check out [profile] eyesthatslay's beautiful artwork! The manips she created are just beautiful and amazing (and not easy to create).

I wrote a companion piece for Something Special called Regarding Grief, and while you don't have to read it first, I wanted to write a fic about the parallels of Spike grieving Buffy and Buffy grieving Spike with Dawn as the witness to both. [profile] eyesthatslay created a gorgeous banner for this piece as well.

Regarding Grief, Part One
Regarding Grief, Part Two

And last but not least, a little piece, perhaps a little too on point for the theme, but here it is nonetheless.

As Time Goes By

Hope you enjoy... :o)
Nice Little Spuffy Essay

I enjoyed reading this today and thought I'd share...

And golly people have really strong opinion about season six in that Facebook community. SMG may have felt uncomfortable with the direction her character went, but I thought season six was well done for what it was. Looking back, I even don't mind the addicted Willow storyline.
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( Mar. 30th, 2017 03:44 pm)

Writing a fic about little moments between Buffy and Spike. Comment below with your fave small moments that meant a lot. Please? For example, when Spike brings Joyce flowers following her death but doesn't include a card... The big moments I remember but the little subtle ones are the ones I'm looking for! Thanks in advance! 😄

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( Mar. 23rd, 2017 10:39 am)

...are hard to write. That is all. 😜

And I'm praying for my friends in the U.K.... ❤so scary and sad.

Wrote this for the 20 year anniversary of BtVS (ironically the date that I chose as my cat, Meagan's birthday, which I never knew!). Decided the fic wasn't as bad or offensive as all that and it will only be posted on EF.



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