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Birthdate:Jul 10
Location:Texas, United States of America
Website:Sand in My Shoes
Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the LJ world! Most of my personal posts are friends locked; however, I don't friends lock some posts, such as my writing and icons! :o) *hugs* :o) I just moved back to Houston, have a great kitty who thinks he's human, and am a psychologist who went to school forever and now works with adolescents in the hospital.

I'm using a layout by jadedpaper!
In my icons and graphics, I use brushes by:
inxsomniax, dontlickit, quebelly, leftofmyheart, kimberly_a, jenniepennie, oxoniensis, oh_pants, hanako_lovely, crumblingwalls, pulsar4529, pekeana, iconisms, cutipi908, miggy, saniagreenleaf, photoshopranger, meleada, fluffy_monster, skybound2, pfefferminzchen, spiralling, miggy, dragong, eightyfour__, nikkimisplaced, and evenstar so far! :o)

Other brush credits can be found here

I also use light textures by awmp, inxsomniax and paperdollgirl. I use some fonts by serendipitysho.

Screencaps used in the icons I make are by
inxsomniax, ghostgirl13, eowyn797, sandy_s and
from Buffy Screenshots and Screencappiness and Lost Soul Screencaps and Screencap Paradise
Mood Theme by _a_s_h_l_e_e_
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